Fee Structure

Welcome, it means a lot to me that you entrusted the birth of your baby to me. I hope that the birth of your baby is very special and everything you want it to be.

Antenatal visits costs R400 (Cash OR Card facility is available) per visit
I need to see you on the following weeks of pregnancy 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, the Doctors visit at 36 weeks, then weekly until your delivery.
Clinic days are Tuesday morning, Thursdays and Saturdays at Genesis, per appointment.
Practice Number 0411957

Birth at a Hospital or Clinic

(An extra R1,500 if delivering at Parklane or Linkwood)

R2 000 Non-refundable booking fee
R3 500 50 % of birth cost 34 weeks
R3 500 Due at 37 weeks
R9 000 Total

Home delivery

(only done for clients that are low risk and seen by doctor on 36 weeks)

R3 000 Non-refundable booking fee
R4 500 50 % of birth cost 34 weeks
R4 500 Due at 37 weeks
R12 000 Total
  • No birth will be attended if the full amount has not been paid.
  • Birthing fee includes the first postnatal visit, If you require further postnatal visits, I charge R500
  • All moms need a 6 week postnatal check-up and pap smear, please remember to make an appointment.
  • Remember my fees and charges have nothing to do with the clinic where you are to give birth
  • Please note this is a cash practice and that all clients on medical aid will receive an invoice and will have to claim from their respective medical aid.
  • It is necessary to have a medical scan or see an obstetrician for the scan at 12, 20 and 36 weeks, to ensure all is normal before your due date

General Information

Recommended alternative purchases:

Evening primrose oil, From the start of your 38th week. It is a hormonal fatty acid which assists in softening the cervix for labour, the 500mg capsule is recommended. 1 Should be taken orally twice a day in addition it is also recommended that 1 capsule be inserted vaginally before bed.

Raspberry leaf tea. (or 2 tablets) taken 3 times a day from 36 weeks. These help in making uterus more responsive to oxytocin and thus can possibly help to speed up your labour.

Rescue remedy is recommended to help with anxiety during labour.

Glycerine suppositories are recommended once labour is established to aid with emptying of the bowel. A midwife can advise you when to administer it.

Perineal massage is recommended during the last few weeks of pregnancy, to reduce the risk for perineal tearing,

Birth preparation Classes are highly recommended and have proven to reduce anxiety and fear during child birth. Also provided and presented by Deidre Nel as weekend classes. Please book your classes in advance if interested.