Booking with me as your primary care giver for your pregnancy and birth, means that you have the following birthing options open to you depending on both your personal preferences and health, as I only take on low risk moms with low risk pregnancies and healthy babies.

How an Independent Midwife works:
As an independent midwife, I am your primary caregiver throughout your pregnancy. This means that you see me for regular checkups. I consult at Genesis Clinic every Thursday and Saturday. (Book an appointment) Antenatal checkups when I need to see you are scheduled on weeks 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34 then weekly after your doctor's visit from week 36 until your delivery. This includes monitoring your wellbeing (physical and emotional) and your baby's wellbeing by assessing growth and position by palpating your abdomen and listening to your baby's heart beat. It is important to see your back up Doctor for sonar's on weeks 12, 20 and 36; or if any concerns are found, a review with your back up Obstetrician (Gynae) is arranged.
In between visits I am always available if you have any questions or concerns about anything, via phone/sms/e-mail or visit the 'ask Gail page' to chat to me online and find answers to common questions raised. It is a good way to build a positive relationship so that when you do go into labour we already have a good working relationship and you know I am going to be there throughout the journey. This is very important because the more relaxed and confident you feel, the better and quicker labour tends to be.

What Options are available to you?
Hospital and Birthing Clinic Births Home Births Natural VBAC births Water births Unexpected Caesarean Section
All of which you have the freedom to have an active birth experience and are not being limited to only one position or one way of giving birth. I support and encourage, skin to skin contact after birth, delayed clamping, waiting to bath baby, and breast feeding as soon as possible to insure you and your new born have the best natural start in life. All these are options available to you but I am always open to any birth plan you and your partner have in mind, provided it doesn't pose any health risks to yourself and your baby

Where I facilitate my births:
Genesis Clinic Private Maternity Hospital with emphasis on natural and active birth. Linkwood and Parklane Hospital Clients Houses for home births
I have been a part of many home births and find it to be a wonderful option for mothers who want to be in their own environment and element when giving birth. If you wish to have a home birth or hospital birth with an independent midwife you will still need to register with an obstetrician. If any complications arise he or she will be available and familiar with your pregnancy.

Insurance covers midwifery care.
Most health insurance plans cover midwife care. Midwives are cost effective and improve outcomes. Midwifery care reduces costs through sensible use of technology and tests, and low cesarean section rates without compromising quality or outcome. Midwives contribute to cost savings. With the option of out-of-hospital care, families can reduce costs as must as 30-50%!