I highly recommend Gail!

Thank you
13th January 2014
Ever Grateful
1st July 2014

We moved up from Cape Town and were fortunate to find Gail for the birth of our second baby – we wanted a home birth but the pregnancy was much harder on my body and I started to lose confidence.  My back was killing me most of the time and I was often quite unwell. Gail was very calm and pragmatic throughout and I felt she could handle any situation.  When I started feeling contractions on Christmas Eve, two weeks early, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I wasn’t sure if it was Braxton Hicks or true labour (because my waters never broke and the contractions were irregular) but Gail responded to my tentative WhatsApp at 6am on Christmas morning by coming straight over.  Our son Greg was born 45 min after she arrived – in the birth pool as planned! I was extremely impressed with how Gail was with me in labour – practical but not intrusive, and she was great afterwards helping me into the shower, helping me into bed and then coming back after her Christmas lunch to check up on us.  Both my husband and I felt very cared for and confident with Gail – and little Greg was born quickly and comfortably, letting us all celebrate Christmas together. Gail came to visit us a few more times after that and she has a genuine love for babies which was really sweet to see.  I highly recommend Gail!

Kate Wardle

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