Truly Radiant

So Blessed
8th December 2013
Beeg hugs and kisses
12th January 2014

You are truly radiant as you go about the business of child birth, and it was so lovely to see how much joy and enthusiasm you showed as you nurtured and guided us through the pregnancy and child birth of our son. Even though assisting mothers and facilitating births is something you do every day, you have not lost sight of the wonder of being part of it, and that made sharing the experience with you all the more special for us. We felt safe in your hands, and we were very grateful for your sensitivity and the wise decisions you made in helping us to bring Caleb into the world safely and peacefully. We will never forget our first encounter with our little boy and all the ways you supported is in arriving at this cherishes moment. Thank you for the blessing to have you with us at the beginning of our journey as a family.

Much Love
Vaughn, Heather & Caleb


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